If you love your pet and are trying to navigate a dating life, well this is the place for you. A whopping 84% of milennials are pet parents- 73% of which base all decision making off the needs of their pets. 43% of us milennials are active in mondern dating (i.e. Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc). Like many of you, I have a difficult time spending too much time away from my boy and that includes heading out for a late night drink with someone you’ve had a half a day worth of conversations with.

3 years ago, I brought Ruger home. He was finally home. We bonded instantly, the second I walked into the door of his old house he leaned into me and it just felt…. right. On the drive home, he laid his head ever so softly on my leg, for 2 hours. His only owners, never allowed him on the couch or the bed. It took me an hour to bribe him on the bed. Once I did, he came up and laid his head on my chest and slept there for the next 7 hours. Didn’t move one inch. Ruger is a retired working dog and is now living a happy and healthy pet life!

Being 25 and trying to navigate the dating world has been an interesting experience. All of that on top of being an entreprenuer and a dog mom, makes for some great stories.

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Ruger & Liz


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