I don’t remember dating you..

The other day I received a friends request from someone on Facebook, a name I haven’t seen in probably 6 or 7 years. Cool, accept. But then I got a message from them and it said “I’m surprised you added me, I thought you hated me.” Lol, what, why? “You thought I cheated on you with so and so.”

Well, first of all, if I thought you cheated on me, chances are that I had proof. Secondly, I won’t even remember dating you dude. Maybe my memory is shot or we were friends and hanging out and he thought it was something more, I’m not sure.

There’s so many times that one person in a “friendship” or “relationship” that thinks they’re in a relationship but you’ve never had that conversation about being exclusive (click here to see what I mean about having that conversation).

Anyways, I guess I have a new friend now who thought all this time I hated them, when to be honest, I never even gave him a second thought after I moved away.

Go go out and enjoy your spring and remember to run your dog and not your mouth.


Ruger & Liz

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