I can put my IKEA furniture together without you..

I recently moved and needed a bunch of new furniture. The thing is, I now only live 15 minutes from an IKEA. You know, that furniture that takes a lifetime to put together and sometimes you never really do get it put together correctly. I bought 2 tv stands, a book shelf and a display cabinet. My dad jokingly (but ever so serious) said he wasn’t going to help me assemble them. I was on my own… I snapchatted my ex- who is now my best friend- a picture of all the boxes saying I need to get a man to put together my new furniture. He offered to come and help but I thought it would be funny to update my Tinder and Bumble Profile to say, “just looking for a man to help me put my IKEA furniture together”. I received message after message asking what they “would get out of it”. Well I mean frankly, nothing but helping a single gal get her life together and be an adult with actual furniture. MAYBE a home cooked meal. Insinuating that I would owe them something much more. All of this was a joke and I don’t know how many disagreements I got in, explaining that one- it was a joke and two- I didn’t need a man to help me with this. I sounded desperate for the help and made it seem like I couldn’t do it myself.

I mean come on, how hard could it REALLY be? I pulled some of the instructions and the packs of parts fell on the floor. Well shit… It could really be that hard. Don’t forger to add in Ruger stepping over every piece and stading over them… Pretty sure he was laughing at me, haha.

Well, 6 months later I have all 4 pieces put together, properly and did it all on my own. Because I don’t need a man to put my IKEA furniture together.


Ruger & Liz