Well, can we bring the dogs? Your guide to 5 dog friendly date ideas!

If y’all haven’t heard of Dig, GO LOOK IT UP! It’s a dating app specifically tailored to pet parents. I think I about died when I was tagged in a post about it. Anyway, it’s safe to say that’s Ruger and I’s profile is up and live. 🤞🏻 For some good luck. This all got me thinking though about dog friendly dates.

Here is a list of our favorite things to do:

  1. Nature walks. Yes it’s pretty cliche, but what better way to set your pups up for success with a potential partner than a relaxed and controlled walk with the dogs, on neutral territory. Don’t forget your training treats though, always be prepared!

  2. Dog Friendly Brewery. Because who else can’t enjoy Barks n Brews? Always be sure to call ahead to ensure that the brewery is PET friendly. Another great way to learn about places that are pet friendly is the app “Bring Fido”.

  3. Drive-In. 2 years ago, I went on a date and we took the dogs with us to the drive in theater. Most of the time, if your dog is well behaved and under control, they will allow them. Be sure to clean up any “mess” they make and avoid having them potty inside of the drive in.

  4. River Walk. There’s no doubt that this day in age, most places are accommodating pet parents on outside patios and decks. But just taking a stroll down the river and grabbing ice cream cone can be just as entertaining and relaxing.

  5. Starbucks! We LOVE Starbucks, Ruger’s all time favorite treat is the Puppicino. Remember though, Service Dogs are the only dogs welcomed INSIDE of the store, but you and your date can hangout on the patio with the dogs and get to know each other!

Whatever you do, ALWAYS meet in a neutral place for the pups and always in public for the safety.

One tool I alway keep handy and train is a Basket Muzzle. This is an added safety measure for Ruger as I like to be in control when he meets other dogs. Although it’s not necessary, you never know how a dog will react in fear or in pain.


Ruger & Liz