Cubs Fan Catfish

Brewers vs Cubs- April 29th 2018 @ Wrigley Field

Brewers vs Cubs- April 29th 2018 @ Wrigley Field

Anyone who knows me know that I am a huge baseball fan. I grew up in Illinois so you figured I would be a Cubs fan… But nope, I am most definitely a Milwaukee Brewers fan. I just love the feeling of a cold beer in hand, a nice sunny day and hearing the crack of a bat while sitting at Miller Park or Wrigley Field. Plus, Ruger used to love watching the baseballs being tossed. I swear he would’ve made the BEST bat dog.

Last year, I went to a Brewers vs Cubs game at Wrigley last year. Parking for Wrigley is hands down, the worst, so we decided to find an “L” and park in a garage. We were parked, getting our beers poured into cups so it wasn’t AS obvious that we were public drinking- a truck pulled up and parked. Out jumped 2 guys, one of which was a Brewers fan. Cool- I now knew I wasn’t going to be the ONLY Crew fan at Wrigley. All my friends were giving me shit and his buddy was giving him shit for bring Brewer fans. We joked that we should ditch the Cubs fans and do our own thing. We got on the “L” and went our separate ways. Through out the rest of the game I was praying to the Baseball gods to run into them again just to get the chance to see Brewer Guy’s face again.

Brewers lost, but the Cubs got to fly the “W”. We hit a bar after the game and then made our way back to the car. I thought for sure their truck would be gone. But it wasn’t- IT WAS STILL THERE. I was up at bat and I wanted to knock it out of the park so I left my number for him on the truck.

I didn’t think much of it the rest of the night- but the next morning I woke up to a text FROM BREWERS GUY! We talked for a few months but never really got the chance to meet up since he lived 3 hours away at the time and I worked in Baseball, so I have 0-time last summer for a personal life. We ended up fading out and just stopped talking.

A few months ago, I was going through and clearing out contacts on my phone (I practice this once a quarter). I scrolled past his number saved as “Brewers Guy” and figured why not? I reached out and the rest was history....

HA- just kidding, I wish it was that simple. He asked me to send him a picture, so I sent one of me with Ruger (because duh, why not) and he sent me a picture back and I about lost my damn mind! I was dealing with a Cubs fan CATFISH! The guy was wearing the same Cubs hoodie in his picture as he wore the day I met them, so I called him out on it and sure enough it was the Cubs Guy pretending to be “Brewers Guy”. Just when I thought I experienced all the weird dating things possible- here I was- dealing with a Catfish. He said at first it was a “joke” with his buddy and as he got to know me more “he really started to like me”. Because I haven’t heard that line before. After that, my trust was broken, and I didn’t know how to move forward.

April 8th, 2019 Cubs Home Opener at Wrigley Field

April 8th, 2019 Cubs Home Opener at Wrigley Field

As I sat at Wrigley Field yesterday for the Cubs Home Opener, I couldn’t help but reminisce on that day and feel nostalgic. I set him a picture of the view from our amazing seats and asked, “remember when we met here last year- and you catfished me?” Yeahhhh- that went over well.

Get out and enjoy a baseball game- you won’t regret it, unless you take a chance just to get catfished.


Ruger & Liz